(Angel Wing Caladium; Caladium Bicolor; Caladium Fancy Leaf; Caladium Hortulanum)
Bright, indirect light - keep away from direct sunlight
Regular watering to keep the soil moist at all times.
Caladiums enjoy humid conditions. Keep your plant happy by misting, using a humidifier or placing your plant on a pebble water tray.
Warm conditions will keep your plant happy, aim for 20 degrees Celsius if you can.
Apply a liquid fertiliser weekly during its growing season.
Toxic - keep away from pets and small children.
Additional Care Information:
Caladiums are bulbs that produce leaves Spring-Autumn. Total leaf fall should be expected during Autumn, at which point you should stop watering your plant and put it in a warm place. Start watering again in spring and move into a bright spot to awaken the bulb to start producing new leaves!
  • New leaves losing colour: lack of sunlight
  • Dry leaf edges: under-watering
  • Browning leaves: overwatering
  • Leaf fall: total leaf fall expected in autumn
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