String of hearts

Leaf Envy | String of hearts
(Ceropagia; Sweetheart Vine)
This plant will be most happy in bright, indirect light or dappled sunshine.
Moderate watering every couple of weeks is best for your String of Hearts. Make sure the soil has dried out before watering as it doesn’t enjoy being overwatered!
Like other succulents, this plant doesn’t enjoy super humid environments, so your average indoor conditions will be ideal for this lovely plant!
Typical room temperature will be perfect for your plant - try to avoid exposing your plant to temperatures below 15 degrees celsius.
Fertilise once a month in the spring and summer to give your plant a health boost.
Toxic - keep away from pets and small children.
Additional Care Information:
If your plant starts to grow long stems that have few leaves, go ahead and prune them back with secateurs.
  • Shrivelled leaves: underwatering or overwatering
  • Dried leaves: too much sunlight
To add this species to your indoor jungle collection, you can buy the String of hearts