Never Never

Never Never plant, Leaf Envy
(Ctenanthe Burle-Marxii Prayer Plant, Calathea Ctenanthe)
Direct sunlight can damage your Never Never Plant, so bright, indirect light is ideal.
Little and often is a good mantra for watering this lovely plant. Aim to maintain moist soil for your plant when you water it, avoiding waterlogged conditions.
Occasionally mist to maintain medium humidity for a happy plant!
Your plant will thrive in warm temperatures, ideally around 20 degrees celsius & keep it away from cold draughts.
During the growing season, apply a dose of fertiliser once or twice a month.
Not toxic - safe for children and pets.
Additional Care Information:
Dust can easily accumulate on the beautiful foliage of the Never Never Plant. Use a damp cloth to remove this dust so your plant can breathe easy.
  • Yellowing leaves and burnt tips: too much direct sunlight or excessive fluoride in the water
  • Brown or black leaf spots: overwatering
  • Leaf curling and brown tips: not enough humidity and warmth
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