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Libra season: Sept 22nd - Oct 23rd. Libra's ruling-planet is Venus, which explains this horoscope's love of stunning objects. Diplomatic, balanced & indecisive are 3 traits of this air-zodiac. From air-purifying plants to our subscription to appeal to their indecisive nature, here are our top Libra plant picks!
Libra Birthday Edit - Leaf Envy
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15 Results

A surprise plant each month for the indecisive!

Librans are known for their indecisiveness! Gift them our subscription to receive a surprise plant & pot each month without them having to choose!

Air-purifying plants for the air-element zodiac signs

Libra is an air zodiac sign so an air-purifying plant would make the perfect gift to boost this element.

Keep the peace with a Peace Lily!

Librans are known for being diplomatic & peace-keepers. So why not pick the stunning Peace Lily in a perfectly-paired pot.

A symmetrical planty display to create harmony

Characterised by a pair of scales, a major Libran personality trait is their desire to achieve balance & symmetry in their life & relationships. An Alocasia duo creates cool asymmetrical symmetry!

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