GOOD FORTUNE GIFT SET - Leaf Envy, Indoor Potted Plants Delivered Nationwide


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What's included? Chinese Money Plant, Small Straight Up Planter & Tote Bag 

Symbolising abundance and good fortune, the Chinese Money Plant makes the ideal gift for anyone seeking that extra bit of luck. Perhaps they've started a new venture, changed jobs, or have spent a small fortune on moving into their new home making it the ideal house-warming gift. Or, maybe they already have a tonne of amazing luck and this is just highlighting the fact!

Rumour has it that the more leaves your Money Plant grows, the more rich you are going to be! We have a fair few of them here at the Leaf Envy HQ ;) 

Your gift set will be delivered with a care card in an envelope, so your friend or loved one will know exactly how to care for their new plant baby. Packed and delivered with leafy love in recyclable packaging. 

P.s. don't forget to write a gift message at checkout if you would like a handwritten note & to put their shipping delivery details instead of yours if you'd like it to go direct! 

• Bright indirect light/ dappled sun • Water Every 1-2 Weeks • Pet Friendly 

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The final date for placing Christmas orders will be 17 December 2019. Our final Christmas shipping date will be 18 December for delivery 19 December. Normal shipping will then resume on 6 January 2020.

If you would like to arrange for your Christmas order to be delivered on a different day please email 

Is this a present for a different occasion?

We always send out our plants on next day delivery, to ensure they spend the least amount of time in darkness as possible. Our shipping days are Mondays and Thursdays, so your plants will either arrive on Tuesday or Friday. 


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