Plant Styling 15.03.20

Plant Styling in the Bedroom

 Snoozing, chilling, reading, writing - whatever it might be, we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, so it’s important to make them feel like a relaxing and tranquil environment to be in! Using indoor plants in your bedroom is one way that you can bring vibrancy & nature into your relaxation zone.

We have put together some plant decor inspiration so you can give your bedroom some leafy-loving. 


Plant Styling in the Bedroom - Leaf Envy

Jungle Dreams

Leafy Waterfall

Make a Statement

Let the light in

Pet Friendly Decor

Your bed is likely to be the centrepiece of your bedroom and can easily be freshened up by surrounding it with plants so you can wake up next to them each day. Not only will clustering plants around your bed bring focus to this part of your room, but they’ll also purify the air around you.

Our top tip is to mix medium size plants, like the Calathea Orbifolia, and pair them with large plants that have arching fronds, like the Kentia Palm. Plant layering is one great way to bring texture, shape & pattern to your bedroom. The Monstera Deliciosa is also a great plant to bring into the bedroom because it has stunning leaf shapes, is an easy grower & will look great paired with any of your other plants.

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Hanging plants can take your bedroom decor to a whole new leafy level. There are a lot to choose from so why not mix up some trailing plants and get creative with where you place them. Imagine looking up from your bed at a ceiling of floating greenery!

If you can’t hang your plants in the window, we recommend creating a plant shelf either over your bed-frame or on a side-wall. You’ll wake up with a smile every day greeted by your plant family. We recommend pairing trailing plants with other tall standing plants on a shelf to create variations in height, leaf texture and shape.

Plants at the larger end of the spectrum can be a powerful way to make a statement in your room, especially if you have more of a minimalist vibe going on. If you’d like only to have 1 or 2 large plants in your bedroom, we’d recommend a large Kentia Palm, Monstera Deliciosa, Bird of Paradise or Fiddle Leaf Fig, paired with a chic planter.

In terms of maintenance this would be the easiest, but no doubt you’ll want to start layering medium plants with the larger ones as soon as you realise how much pleasure they give you in this space!

Image by @craigmilran -

If you’re lucky enough to have a window with a sill in your bedroom, this is a great space to fill with plants. Your plants will thrive in this light environment and can bring a lot of vibrancy into your space. Depending on the size of your window-ledge, you might consider placing smaller plants like this Chinese Money beauty.

We’d also suggest choosing plants which like bright, direct to indirect light - such as Cacti, Alocasias, Bird of Paradise, Fiddle Leaf Figs.

Picture by @sarahkbenning -

If it’s not just two-legged creatures that enjoy spending time in your bedroom, there are lots of options to create a plant-haven that you and your pets can enjoy. Consider sprucing up your bedroom with some fabulous non-toxic plants so you and your furry friends can benefit from your urban jungle. Our favourite pet-friendly plants are Calatheas, Kentia Palms and Peperomias.

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