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What is a Semi-Hydro Plant Display?

In semi-hydro systems, plants are typically placed in containers or pots filled with a substrate such as perlite, vermiculite, or clay pebbles. These materials provide stability for the plants and offer some water retention properties. The containers are then placed in trays or reservoirs that hold water, and the roots of the plants extend into the water-filled area.

What is a Semi-Hydro Plant Display? - Leaf Envy

What is Semi-Hydro?

Semi-hydro, also known as semi-hydroponics or passive hydroponics, is a gardening technique that combines elements of traditional soil-based cultivation with aspects of hydroponics. It involves growing plants in a porous, inert medium that retains some moisture while allowing excess water to drain away, thus creating a partially hydroponic environment.

Best for plant health, longevity & ease of maintenance


Plants drink when they want to

The key principle of semi-hydroponics is that the plants draw water and nutrients as needed from the reservoir through capillary action. The water in the reservoir is not recirculated as in traditional hydroponics systems, but instead, it is replenished periodically as the plants consume it.


Controlled & efficient system

One of the advantages of semi-hydroponics is that it provides a more controlled and efficient watering system compared to traditional soil gardening. It allows for better oxygenation of the roots and reduces the risk of over-watering or under-watering. Additionally, semi-hydroponics can help prevent soil-borne diseases and pests, as the plants are not in direct contact with the soil.


Best for businesses

a semi-hydro watering system offers businesses water efficiency, consistent plant health, reduced maintenance, space utilisation, and a clean and professional appearance. These advantages make it an attractive choice for businesses seeking an efficient and visually appealing plant watering solution.

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