Plant Care Tips 21.02.20

Plant care In your self-care routine

It’s not always easy to reap the benefits of being in nature by getting outdoors, particularly if you live in a big city, so how about bringing the outdoors inside? House plants can give life to space and make it a more peaceful and grounding environment for you to be in.


Plant care In your self-care routine - Leaf Envy

Plant care in your self care routine

Your self-care routine is ultimately yours to create, and we believe that plants can play an important part in this.

How can plant care be part of self care?



Many houseplants are air-purifying and have detoxifying effects on polluted air that can make your immediate living space more comfortable and cleansing to spend time in.


Personalised space

Going through the process of selecting and placing plants in your home can be one of great enjoyment and immersion, particularly if you are renting and feel like the place could use a sprinkling of green and personalised room decor.



Unlike so many of the screen-based activities that take up much of our attention and time, spending time caring for plants can bring you an alternative sense of fulfilment through practical activity.


Personal achievement

The cultivation of plants and watching them grow as you nurture and care for them can bring a huge sense of personal achievement.



There are a lot of people who are really into discussing all things plant-related. Growing your own house plants can make you feel part of a plant-loving community and be a great way to meet new people both online and offline.



If meditation isn’t really your thing, or even if it is, sharing your space with plants has been shown to help you focus and a time you can spend some quality time with yourself.



Studies show that there are ways that house plants can improve the quality of your sleep, just having a few in your bedroom could be a great part of a self-care routine.

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