Plant Care Tips 04.09.23

How to keep your houseplants alive during a heatwave

As UK temperatures soar, don't just focus on outdoor gardening—your indoor plants are feeling the heat too! Here's how to ensure they thrive despite the rising mercury.

How to keep your houseplants alive during a heatwave - Leaf Envy

Houseplant Care in the Sizzling Summer

When the sun blazes its fiercest and summer waves sweep the UK, every garden enthusiast turns their attention to their outdoor green spaces. But lurking in the corners of our homes, our potted companions yearn for equal care. As the mercury challenges its upper limits, ensuring the wellbeing of indoor plants becomes paramount. Dive into our concise guide and master the art of nurturing houseplants during those sweltering heatwaves.


Morning Water Ritual:

Always water your plants in the early hours. The cooler temperature ensures water doesn't evaporate quickly. Always check soil moisture with your finger, about two inches down before watering. If dry, give them a thorough soak.


Avoid Direct Sunlight:

Shield your plants from intense sunlight to prevent their leaves from scorching. If they're on a windowsill, consider a cooler spot about 3 or so meters away. The window amplifies the heat, and this is what can cause leaf burn.


Overwatering is a No-No:

Over-watering during a heatwave can cause rot. Always test the soil before watering. If it's damp, skip. Notice signs of over-watering like browning leaves with damp soil? Re-pot in fresh soil and move to shade.


Beware of Sunburn:

Leaf sunburn can occur with abrupt exposure to bright light. You should limit direct sunlight during peak hours and use cooler periods like early mornings for sun exposure.


Fans aren't Always Friends:

Dry, cold air from fans isn't ideal for plants, especially exotic ones needing humidity. While fans are refreshing for us, they can dehydrate plants and harm delicate flowers.


Spot the Warning Signs:

Heat damage can manifest as yellow/brown spots, curled leaves, burnt tips, or general wilting. These indicate dehydration.

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