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London Terrariums x Leaf Envy

We’ve teamed up with London Terrariums to introduce you to the organically beautiful nature of terrariums. We’ve got the lowdown on what terrariums are, how they grow and the best tips and tricks to look after them.
London Terrariums x Leaf Envy - Leaf Envy

What is a Terrarium?

Who are London Terrariums?

Terrarium Care Guide

A terrarium is a mini garden which is sealed inside a container, protecting the ecosystem and plants from dust, temperature fluctuation and pollution. The amazing thing about terrariums is that they are self-maintaining due to transpiration and condensation in their sealed environment. This essentially allows no water to escape and it is reused in a constant cycle, meaning that they are one of the easiest living gardens you can look after.

You can customise your terrariums and place the plants wherever you like to create your perfect indoor miniature garden. If you don’t have a lot of space to fill your home with lots of plants, then terrariums are the perfect alternative for you.

London Terrariums were created through the love of gardening and nature, mainly targeted towards those who don’t have an outdoor space for their own garden. Terrariums are the perfect alternative for plant lovers out there who don’t have lots of room. They even offer workshops to teach people how to make them.

Terrariums are easy to care for if you know how. Here are some top tips to keep your terrarium happy and thriving.

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Once you have created your terrarium, it’s important to understand that your plants are getting used to a new environment and they will need to adjust to this. To help them transition, it’s best to occasionally take off the cork from the top of the terrarium for a few hours each day and continue this for a couple of weeks. This ensures that the plants can successfully biome acclimated to their new environment.


The exciting thing about terrariums is that they are self-sustaining, meaning that they do not need much maintenance or care at all. This includes watering as they are in a sealed environment, their water is recycled through condensation and transpiration. Generally, if you can see visible condensation on the inside of the glass, then your terrarium is keeping happy. However, if you start to notice that it is a little bit dry, leave the terrarium and revisit it a day later to re-evaluate. If it is still dry, mist the inside a couple of times. Avoid directly pouring water into the container as this can cause the environment to become too soggy.


In terms of sunlight, the terrariums will thrive in low-light conditions. Prolonged periods of direct sunlight will scorch and burn the plants. Because they are kept in a sealed container, it is best to keep them away from other heat sources too, such as radiators as this will have the same effect and cause the plant to wilt and die.

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