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How to reuse your candle pot to care and grow for your cuttings from Aery Living

What better feeling than when all your house plants are thriving around your home! You’ve grown them from small, they’re memories of trips away or reminders gifted from loved ones.

It’s safe to say everybody loves a house plant, that feeling of bringing nature in and creating your own verdant sanctuaries around your home.

One way to keep the stream of green going strong is taking cuttings and growing them into new plants. Double up on the love or gift to friends it’s a great and affordable way to grow your urban jungle.
How to reuse your candle pot to care and grow for your cuttings from Aery Living - Leaf Envy

How to reuse your candle pot from Aery Living

We’re all about reusing, repurposing and recycling. We love reusing candle ceramic pots as little planters. They’re the perfect size to give your cuttings the perfect start. These make great gifts too!
Gardening (indoor or out!) can be the wellbeing boost you need too! It’s been known that just 30 minutes of gardening can improve your mood. We recommend setting yourself up a little potting station, stick your favourite tunes or podcast on while enjoying a cuppa!
You’ll need to make sure you have propagated your cuttings in water beforehand. Once they’ve developed a little root system, you’re good to go.

What you’ll need


Step 1

Choose the healthiest looking shoots of newer growth and cut roughly to around 10-20cm. Making sure you cut from below the leaf join. Get rid of any lower leaves so you have a nice clean stem when it’s submerged in water


Step 2

Submerge the base of the cuttings into your empty Aery glass jar. Make sure the jar is topped up with water and left to stand in a warm and bright area at home.


Step 3

Keep making sure your far is filled with water and within a few weeks you’ll have lots of lovely roots popping out from the base of the stem.


Step 4

Once you have an established root system you can now start potting the cuttings into compost. Reach for your Aery ceramic pot and fill it with a well-draining compost. Plant your cuttings in here and make sure the soil is well watered.

Et voila! Your cuttings are complete! Now to watch them grow.

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