Hooray! We created a personalised plant selection just for you. Now you are all set to turn your home into an insta-worthy jungle.

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Sign up to our Plant Subscription

We have designed the ultimate subscription for plant enthusiasts. Not only is it the most flexible plant subscription around, but we picked a range of beautiful indoor plants and curated them into an envious jungle collection. But, we’ve designed it so that any plant parent newbie out there can start to grow their skills overtime. Starting you off on the fastest growing, and easy to care for plants and scaling you up to more unusual, rare and “moderately” difficult varieties. What’s more, your plant baby will come potted in our hand picked planter of the month. So, if you like our aesthetic you’ll love what this collection has in store. It’s the perfect way to start growing your indoor jungle without breaking the bank. One happy houseplant at a time.