Plant Recommendations 12.01.22

Gifting: Sustainable Alternatives to Cut Flowers

Gifting a plant to a loved one is a more sustainable option than giving them a bouquet of flowers. The environmental impact of cut flowers is not so rosy. Gift a plant that lasts a lifetime with our range of totally giftable plants. Our ‘Forever Flower’ plants, including the Peach Flamingo Flower, are some of our most popular giftable products.
Gifting: Sustainable Alternatives to Cut Flowers

Here are the top reasons to gift a plant


Long Lasting Love

A plant can have a permanent home in someone’s space and is a botanical piece of decor that has a longer lifespan than a bunch of flowers. They can provide so many benefits to a home such as purifying the air and reducing stress.


A Unique Gift

The concept of gifting plants is a fairly new idea and is certainly a unique gift for anyone. Whether you’re gifting to someone who is already a plant parent or someone who is a first timer, plants are sure to be a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one.


Plants for all Occasions

Plants are a versatile gift that have a lot of love to give. They can be given as a house-warming present or a birthday gift; either way, they will be a perfect surprise. A plant is the gift that keeps on giving! Watch a plant grow and flourish as you care for it. They truly are a generous gift.

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