Road Kill Cactus Opuntia consulea Leaf Envy Road Kill Cactus
Road Kill Cactus Opuntia consulea Leaf Envy Road Kill Cactus


Road Kill Cactus

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Flat paddle like stems and bumpy foliage, this easy-care cacti makes a stylish statement.


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With smooth rounded edges, the Broadway is a simple yet elegant choice for any home interior. 



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Clean lines and cylindrical, the Dalston is cool yet functional as it has the added benefit of drainage holes and...



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Statuesque in form, the Regent is our most regal pot featuring a narrow base and elegant handles.


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Handmade by ceramic artisans, this fractured beige pot will bring a colourful accent to your home interior. 

Road Kill Cactus


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• Nursery Pot Ø: 14cm
• Fits our medium pots
• Recommended decorative pot Ø: 15-18cm
• Approx plant height: 40cm

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How to care

How to care



Cactus Care Guide

Light Requirements

Bright, indirect light to full sun

This cactus will survive the brightest of window sills! Preferably a southern or western facing window as they tend to be the brightest.

Watering Schedule

Every 2 - 3 weeks in full sun

Watering when soil is completely dry or when you see shrinkage. Very prone to overwatering.


Lower Humidity

Cacti do not have any particular humidity requirements - but are not suited to very humid environments like bathrooms or terrariums.

Sad Plant Signs

Wrinkled stem or leaves, yellowing, mushy leaves

Wrinkled leaves: under-watering. Yellowing and mushy leaves: overwatering

Cactus Care Guide


Finding the perfect plant parent

An easy to care for cacti that loves full sunshine and low humidity levels. Great for beginner plant parents. It's pads are an emerald green colour with bumps and sharp up-facing spikes. This cactus will produce orange flowers if given the right conditions and care.

Style tip

Window Lovers

If you’re lucky enough to have a window with a sill in your bedroom, this is a great space to fill with plants. Your plants will thrive in this light environment and can bring a lot of vibrancy into your space.


Plant Bio

Optunia Rubescens Consolea; Road-Kill Cactus

From the Cactaceae Family, the Optunia Rubescens Consolea is native to Mexico and found growing in desert like areas. It prefers full sunshine and low humidity, just like the desert! This plant is fast growing an has been seen to grow up to 6m tall when in the right conditions.

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Plant attributes

+ Pet-Friendly


Some indoor plants are poisonous to pets if ingested and this plant is pet safe and oh so fur friendly. Chew away!

Characteristics Non-toxic to pets & children


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