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30-Day Plant Guarantee Policy

At Leaf Envy, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality plants and the knowledge to care for them properly. Our 30-Day Plant Guarantee is designed to offer peace of mind while encouraging a commitment to proper plant care from our customers. This policy outlines the terms under which we offer replacements or refunds and how customers can avail themselves of these options.

Guarantee Coverage

- Eligibility: All plants purchased from Leaf Envy are covered under our 30-Day Guarantee, starting from the date of purchase.
- Conditions Covered:
1. Plants that arrive damaged or in poor condition.
2. Plants that develop issues despite proper care and adherence to our provided care instructions within the first 30 days.


- Neglect or improper care based on our guidelines, including but not limited to overwatering, under-watering, inadequate light, and improper temperature.
- Damage from external factors, such as pests, diseases not present at arrival, and physical damage after delivery.
- Loss or damage due to factors beyond our control, including natural disasters, theft, or vandalism.

Claim Process

1. Notification: Customers must notify Leaf Envy of any plant issues within the 30-day period, providing a detailed description and photographic evidence of the issue.
2. Completion of Care Questionnaire: Customers will be required to complete a Plant Care Questionnaire to help us understand the care provided and diagnose the issue accurately.
3. Assessment: Our plant care experts will assess the claim based on the information and evidence provided. This may include follow-up questions to ensure a thorough understanding of the care environment.
4. Resolution: If the claim is approved, Leaf Envy will offer a replacement plant of the same value or a refund at our discretion. In cases where improper care is identified as the cause, we may offer advice on correcting the issue instead of a replacement or refund.

Customer Responsibilities

- Follow the care instructions provided with each plant meticulously.
- Provide a suitable environment according to the specific needs of each plant, as detailed in our care guides.
- Reach out to our customer service team with any care questions within the guarantee period to prevent issues from escalating.


- The guarantee is limited to a one-time replacement or refund for each purchased plant.
- Replacements are subject to availability. If the same plant is not available, we may offer a similar plant of equal value or a refund.
- The guarantee does not always cover additional costs, such as shipping for the replacement plant. Please see  "Plant Replacement Guarantee and Shared Responsibility Policy" below for more details. 

Policy Changes

Leaf Envy reserves the right to modify this guarantee policy at any time. Changes will not affect purchases made prior to the implementation of the policy changes.

This policy aims to foster a partnership between Leaf Envy and our customers, promoting healthy plant growth and satisfaction with every purchase. By encouraging proper plant care and providing a clear process for addressing issues, we strive to ensure a positive experience for all our customers.

Plant Replacement Guarantee and Shared Responsibility Policy

Leaf Envy is dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction and success of our customers in their plant care journey. We understand that sometimes, despite best efforts, plants may not thrive. Our Plant Replacement Guarantee is designed to support our customers while promoting responsible plant care and sustainability.

Shared Cost Model for Delivery

- Policy Overview: In instances where a replacement plant is warranted under our guarantee, the cost of delivery will be shared between Leaf Envy and the customer. This model is designed to balance support for our customers with the sustainability of our replacement program.
- Implementation: When a replacement is approved under the guarantee, Leaf Envy will cover a portion of the delivery cost, with the remaining cost to be covered by the customer. The specific cost-sharing ratio will be communicated at the time of replacement approval.

Thresholds for Free Replacement Delivery

- Qualifying Conditions: Delivery costs for replacements will be fully covered by Leaf Envy under the following conditions:
1. The plant arrived damaged or in poor condition due to our handling or shipping process.
2. The wrong plant was sent in error by Leaf Envy 
- Non-Qualifying Conditions: In situations where plant care may not have been followed according to our guidelines, or the plant's condition is due to environmental factors beyond our control, the shared cost model for delivery will apply.

Loyalty and Membership Program Benefits

- Program Overview: Members of our loyalty program or subscribers to our membership service will enjoy enhanced benefits under our Plant Replacement Guarantee.
- Enhanced Benefits:
1. Waived delivery costs for up to two approved plant replacements per year, regardless of the reason for replacement.
2. Priority assessment and processing of replacement requests.
- Membership Eligibility: Customers automatically become eligible for our loyalty program upon their third purchase within a calendar year or may subscribe to our membership service at any time for an annual fee.

Process for Replacement Requests

1. Notification and Documentation: Customers must notify us of the issue within the 30-day guarantee period, providing detailed information and photographs of the plant and of the box it came in, if possible. 
2. Care Questionnaire: Customers will be asked to complete a Plant Care Questionnaire to help us understand the care provided.
3. Assessment and Approval: Our experts will assess each case, applying the shared cost model or waiving delivery fees as appropriate.
4. Resolution: Customers will be informed of the assessment outcome, and if approved, arrangements for the replacement plant and delivery cost-sharing will be made.

Policy Adjustments and Communication

Adjustment Rights: Leaf Envy reserves the right to modify the Plant Replacement Guarantee policy, including shared cost ratios and loyalty benefits, with all changes communicated clearly to our customers.

Transparency: All terms of the guarantee, including shared delivery costs and thresholds for free replacement, will be transparently detailed on our website and in purchase confirmations.

This policy is crafted to support our customers and ensure the sustainability of our plant replacement program. By sharing the responsibility and costs associated with replacements, we aim to foster a partnership with our customers in the care and success of their plants.

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