Plant Styling 04.04.19

Why plants are great for your workspace

Many of us buy plants to brighten up our environment and create our very own green oasis. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, plants also have some amazing superpowers. Here's 4 reasons why you should have more plants in your office space.


Why plants are great for your workspace - Leaf Envy

Why plants are great for the office!

Whether you’re “wfh” or commute across town to a tower block or industrial estate building, it’s easy to feel like we spend our time in colourless concrete cubes, and it’s even easier to feel completely disconnected from nature.

This is why many people buy plants to brighten up their workspaces and create their very own green oasis. But other than being aesthetically pleasing, plants also have some amazing superpowers which create a productive and enjoyable workspace.

Having plants in the office lowers anxiety, anger and tiredness!


Less stress

Getting stressed at work? Deadlines raising your blood pressure? A 2010 study found having plants in the office:

Lowered tension & anxiety by 37% Decreased anger & hostile attitudes by 44% Reduced fatigue & tiredness up to 38% General depressive feelings decreased by a HUGE 58%

Considering we spend the majority of our time at the office, it’s surely a no-brainer that we employ these green powerhouses as purveyors of fun!


Improved air quality

Humans need oxygen to survive, whereas plants need the by-product, known as CO2 to make their energy. The two processes go hand in hand with one another, and we can benefit from plants as much as they can benefit from us!

Back in 1980, NASA did a study that found plants were extremely effective at removing toxic chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde. All in all, your #plantfam is making your air cleaner to breathe!


More plants, more creativity!

A 2015 study found that people in offices with plants scored, on average, 15% higher marks on a creativity test than offices without. These figures speak for themselves!


The workspace looks great!

Enjoying the place that you work is fundamental to a happy and productive workforce. Do your best work surrounded by nature indoors.

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