Plant Recommendations 14.10.22

Houseplants that are good for your health

The Leaf Envy team have chosen their top 5 plants that are beneficial to your health.
Houseplants that are good for your health - Leaf Envy

Why are house plants good for your health?

Houseplants have a plethora of benefits. In addition to looking beautiful, they are known to improve the quality of air, have a positive impact on your wellbeing and increase productivity. There is no doubt that appreciating nature, cutting back on screen time & prioritizing self(plant)-care will naturally help us to attain a more harmonious life balance but which plants are more beneficial to your health? The most effective way that plants benefit us is through air-purification. We’ve chosen our top 5 air-purifying plants below.. So keep reading!

Snake Plants  Leaf Envy


Snake Plant

The Snake plant is known to be a super air-purifying plant. This spikey, hard-to-kill plant absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) and other toxins through its leaves and produces pure oxygen throughout the night. It’s said that the average snake plant will produce around 1 litre of oxygen per day. All the qualities make it the perfect bedroom plant, it benefits your health and improves your quality of sleep significantly.


Boston Fern

This beautiful full fern was included in the Green Air study by NASA, and was one of the top plants recommended on purifying the air. Put this moisture loving plant in your bathroom or kitchen.


Peace Lily

Want a plant that purifies the air but also flowers all year round? The classic Peace Lily is your go too. It’s easy to care for and can cope with low-light conditions.


Golden Pothos

This leafy trailing plant has golden variegations the more light you provide it! It can grow and trail enough to cover a vast surface area of your home. Hook it up and allow its air-purifying powers to take action throughout your home!


Monstera Deliciosa

Believe it or not, this iconic plant improves the air in your home, its lushuss green leaves and fenestrations are a feast for your eyes. The large surface area of its leaves mean that air-purification is particularly effective. It’s also known that if you lightly mist your Monstera, it creates a more humid environment which wards off ailments such as dry skin conditions and respiratory problems that are aggravated by dryness.

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