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Plant Care & Maintenance For Businesses

Over the past years, our design team at Leaf Envy have worked very closely with plant care specialists PlantSit to ensure the plant schemes that we design are set up for success long-term.


Plant Sit was born out of the love for plants and the positive effects indoor plants can have on mental health, productivity & overall well-being: a must for busy city dwellers. Not only that but more & more offices, studios, cafes & bars are making their spaces greener, and that is where Plant Sit steps in. With everything from watering, misting, pruning, cleaning and repotting, Plant Sit has got your back wether you are a small studio or huge corporate firm. Keeping all businesses happy, one watered plant at a time.

Plant Care & Maintenance For Businesses - Leaf Envy

We sat down with Katie from Plant Sit to talk about maintenance. Here's what she said:


Why is Plant Maintenance Important?

We think Plant Maintenance is important for a couple of reasons. It allows you to create a thriving, happy, green environment which you can't do without properly taking care of your plant collection. It cuts down on wasting plants. It takes so much effort for nurseries to grow plants, so once we have them in our homes & offices we want to make sure we don't waste this effort & properly take care of them.


What are the key considerations when investing in plants for your business?

One of the main things we always say is to choose your plants to suit your space. Whether you have a shadier space with few windows or a glasshouse, you need plants that will suit the space according to sunlight, heat and cold. Depending on what your space looks like, there are different species that will suit any environment perfectly.


How often should I get someone in to look after our businesses' plants?

Typically we recommend weekly maintenance visits so that you can ensure your plants look great for both your own staff & clients. This is really key to keep the plants looking luscious and green.


How many clients does Plant Sit have and what types of businesses?

At the moment we have over 45 weekly clients, and this is ever growing. From corporate offices to pubs & co-working spaces, all of our clients are unique!


How does your pricing work?

We have a monthly pricing structure, starting at £200 per month for our minimalist package which is one visit of up to an hour per week. Included in that is the watering, misting & cleaning of your plants plus fertilizing in the summer months, bug treatment and soil top-ups all included. If you have a larger collection, our packages move up to 2 hours and 3 hours per week, and we can tailor these packages to suit your space perfectly.


How long will our plants last if we get frequent aftercare? 

Many many years! Although plants are living things and have a life cycle (some shorter than others), with plants chosen to suit your space, plus regular fertilizing, general care & seasonal repottings we can ensure your plants will last year after year.


Final note:

Our design team at Leaf Envy has worked very closely together with Plant Sit for the maintenance and care of our plant installations. Wether you are a large corporate office or small studio, it is key to let experts take care of your plants to increase their longevity and make sure they look happy and healthy for a long time. Interested to know more about our plant design service? Follow the link below to transform your space into a jungle!

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