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B_Together Members Club Interior Plant Design Project

B_Together is a new design-led hub for families. A beautiful multi-functional space where members can play, work, eat and relax. Our plant design scheme spanned four floors and sustainability was at the core of this project. Our brief was to make the club as planet-friendly and green as possible!
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B_Together Members Club Interior Plant Design Project

B Together is a new design-led hub for families based in St Johns Wood, London. This intergenerational club includes a brasserie, art and movement studios and a members’ floor. It's a beautiful multi-functional space where members can play, work, eat and relax. Our plant design scheme spanned four floors and sustainability was at the core of this project.

The earthy, organic interiors spoke to their desire to make the club as planet-friendly and green as possible.


Sustainable pot materials for an eco-friendly members club

The project for Feast and members club B together was a fun project with sustainability in mind throughout the entire design process. We chose to use natural pots with different soft textures to really create a relaxing and tranquil environment. The pots chosen are made by 100% recyclable plastic to keep every element of the project environmentally friendly all throughout.


Framing spaces with plants to create zones

Following the nature of a members club, it was important for the client to create different “areas" within the space that would have different functions. This included a room for relaxation, a room for working, a room for playing and so on. We therefore chose to use plants and greenery to frame different areas of a rather open building. This in its turn created a sense of nature and peacefulness all throughout the entire building, which is spread over 4 floors. We chose to frame areas by using larger plants such as Kentia palms, Bird of paradises and Areca palms to create an impressive and tropical statement look. At the end, we were really happy that the plants made the large building feel much more welcoming, just like a home. The idea was to really create a place you feel like you belong to and want to spend time in.


Curating plants for different environments

Within the space there is also a conservatory with a lot of natural daylight. In this instance, it was very important for us to choose plants that can handle this type of bright environment where the light are heavily amplified by the windows. We picked a selection of Fiddle Leaf Figs that can handle bright, indirect light and hardy trailing plants like Pothos to achieve this.


Choosing soft materials for safe childs play

Another area that was important for this scheme was the children’s nursery. In this space, it was important to have "soft" and gentle pots that can go in play areas and not be a danger to the children. We therefore chose to use a mix of wicker pots that would not only suit the interior but also be safe for its users.


Sustainable design

Overall this was a very fun project which was very aligned with our values around sustainability and design.

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