Plant Care Tips 05.01.22

The Importance of Light for our Plants

Keeping houseplants alive in the winter months can be a difficult job, but we have all the tips you need to keep your plants happy and healthy through the cold winter that greets them.

Sunlight is an important factor in the growth of plants so it’s important to know that caring for your plants in the summer months differs greatly from the winter months and understanding your individual plant’s needs will keep them thriving.

The Importance of Light for our Plants - Leaf Envy

How can I make sure they get enough light?

The best location for your plants this winter

Varying Plant Needs

Many house plants can tolerate lower light levels, just like our Golden Pothos or our Mini Monstera plants. Lower light levels for these types of plants will only cause a decrease in rate of growth. If you notice that your plants are beginning to look leggy or spindly, then it’s time to give them some sunlight. Introduce them to areas with indirect sunlight to revive them and make their leaves full and thriving once again!

If your home isn’t getting enough sunlight to host your plants, it can be beneficial knowing which windows will give them the optimum amount of light. Typically, south-facing windows will provide the most light for your plants so do ensure they are placed in rooms with these windows if you can. Moving your plants to a bathroom or kitchen can increase the humidity in the environment or even investing in a humidifier can help to keep your leafy friends in the best condition possible!

The individual needs of different plant types varies due to where they originate from and what conditions they are familiar with growing in. Take the time to learn what types of light your plant likes the most. Our Philodendron Birkin plant thrives in indirect, bright sunlight, meaning that placing them in front of a window at a distance will keep them happy and healthy.

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