Plant Care Tips 27.10.21

Care tips for your Blue Star Fern

Keep those luscious velvety blue leaves thriving in your home by following our simple care tips that have been collected from the Leaf Envy team! From humidity, positioning, watering and styling.
Care tips for your Blue Star Fern - Leaf Envy

Finding it's perfect new home

Humidity in your home

Get the water schedule right

Watering method step by step

Styling your Blue Star Fern

Breath-taking foliage

Your new Blue Star Fern adores bright, indirect light but can be tolerant to low light levels as they are used to growing in the shade, amongst the trees of the tropical rainforests of South America. Place your plant away from any direct sunlight, as this can scorch its delicate fine leaves and away from heat sources like heaters or radiators as this will most likely dry out your fern.

Another thing to consider when positioning your Blue Star Fern is that they like to be in a humid room that has lots of water vapour in the air, so it's perfect for an east facing bathroom or kitchen. If not in one of these rooms in your house, you can keep the humidity levels high by spraying it every 3-4 days. However, be sure not to mist too much water directly onto the leaves, this can cause the tips to go brown and soggy. 

We always do a touch test of the soil before watering any plant, ensuring that this plant’s soil in particular is kept moist, but not wet! Like most ferns, it likes to be damp at all times. 

Be sure not to get much water onto its delicate foliage. Gently pull the leaves aside and pour water into both sides of the nursery pot, avoiding the centre where the rhizomes are (this is the plant's main stem and looks furry, mossy and bulb-like). Room temperature water is best. Allow the soil to be drained of its water before putting it back into it’s decorative pot - they do not like sitting in water!

The velvety foliage on this blue beauty is breathtaking.. and we want to help you keep it that way! Don’t worry too much if you start seeing a few discoloured leaves, this is normal. However, if it's taking over your fern then you’ll need to change up it’s care. If you catch it early you can revive your blue plant pal back to full health. First, prune off the damaged leaves at the base of the stem, (this is to make room for new growth), then reassess your watering schedule and the position of your plant. Dry crispy leaves tells you that you are most likely under-watering your plant or you have it too close to a heating source. Brown soggy leaves means you're getting too much water on the surface of the foliage. Yellowing leaves is a sign you'll need to repot (do this with a part orchid soil mix so that your plant is free-draining).

Cluster your fern with plants that have green foliage plants to allow its striking blue shaded leaves to stand out!

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