Plant Care Tips 19.07.21

Top tips to look after your plants in the summer heat

When the sun comes out in its full glory during summer, our indoor plants get very excited as it means extra energy to grow and flourish. Here are our tips on how to help them enjoy the sun and heat just as much as we do.
Top tips to look after your plants in the summer heat - Leaf Envy

Direct sunlight

Sun loving indoor plants

More water please

Feed your friends

Up the humidity

Time to prune

When the sun comes out in its full glory during summer, our indoor plants get very excited as it means extra energy to grow and flourish.

As we all know, spring - summer is the peak growing season for our green pals, but some like it hot more than others.

Here's our tips on how to help them enjoy the sun and heat just as much as we do.

Some plants like the cactus family will be very happy sunbathing all summer long. They're hard to kill and thrive in direct full sun.

Most plants whilst they enjoy the sunny boost, you'll want to place them away from a window to prevent their leaves from scorching. The sun is at its strongest in the summer. What direction do your windows face:

North - Little sun during the day / no strong sun. Generally a bit too dark for most plants but low light lovers will be happy.

East - Sun in the AM and great for most plants.

South - Sun during most of the day, strong sun in the middle of the day so be mindful. South facers will want to be away from the window especially during summer, but the cactus will love this spot!

West - Sun in the PM and great for most plants.

We all become more thirsty when it's hot, and our plants are the same. The combination of high heat and sun causes water to evaporate from their soil at a much faster rate. So just like us they'll love to take on more water to ensure they don't dehydrate! This will also help them as they grow.

Check that the top 2" of soil has dried between waterings (or some plants need their soil fully dry). Ensure to water slowly and deeply – if you water too quickly, just the top soil tends to get wet and the rest escapes out from the bottom of your pot.

Keep an eye out for some sad plant signs such as dropping, shrivelling / curling leaves if they're feeling very thirsty! Another sure sign is when the soil pulls away from the pot leaving a gap.

Remember the days of growth spurts? No nor do we, but we do know that when you're going through a growth spurt you eat more than normal. Our plant friends aren't too dissimilar! Summer is the perfect time to give them fertiliser when all their energy is going into growing! If however your plant is already stressed and sad, hold off on the fertiliser until things cool down as this can cause further damage.

Hotter and sunnier days means your plant will dry out quicker than previous months and may start to brown. Here's what you can do to help your plants:

1. Mist your plant with water every day (If the air in your home is warm, it has the capacity to hold more moisture)

2. Cluster with other plants

3. Place your plant on a saucer of pebbles partially filled with water

As plants are going through a little growth spurt thanks to the extra sun, it's the perfect time to prune any sad looking leaves or flowers so that your plant can devote more energy to its growth. If we're in the middle of a heat wave however and you have a sad looking plant, hold off pruning until things cool off as pruning does cause mild stress and these leaves may be contributing to the overall health.

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