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How to Care for your Monkey Mask Monstera

For May, our subscription plant is the Monkey Mask Monstera paired with our Regent pot in the Chalk colourway. This month’s plant is a twist on its Insta-famous and much-loved cousin, the Monstera Deliciosa. If you love the Monstera Deliciosa, then you will love the Monkey Mask Monstera. This super easy-going and exciting plant will make the perfect addition to your growing plant collection. Even if you’re a new plant parent, this plant has so much love to bring to your home.
How to Care for your Monkey Mask Monstera - Leaf Envy

Is your Monkey Mask Monstera looking a little bit sad?

We are so pleased to have the Monkey Mask Monstera as our subscription plant for the month of May. The Monkey Mask Monstera is an eccentric and fast growing plant with iconic, graphic leaves. It has so much potential to brighten and bring new life to your home with its ability to either trail from a shelf or to climb a wall with a little bit of help from you. If you want to find out how you can properly care for your new leafy friend, then keep reading for all the leafy tips you need.

If your new leafy friend is looking a little bit sad you might notice some drooping of its leaves, or even a change of colour to brown or yellow leafy tips. Here are some top tips to help bring your plant back to life.

Drooping leaves can be a key indicator of lack of water. Check the top 2 inches of soil to see if the soil is overly dry. If it’s been more than a couple of weeks since you watered your plant, then the likely diagnosis is lack of hydration.

Yellowing leaves can suggest 2 things; firstly, it can mean your plant is going through moisture shock from overwatering. If this happens, hold fire on the watering until the soil is dried out again and allow the water to properly drain from its pot. Secondly, the yellowing leaves can also suggest your plant is getting too much light. If this is the case, try moving your plant away from the window, particularly if it’s a south-facing window.

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Monkey Mask Monstera Care Guide  Leaf Envy
Monkey Mask Monstera Care Guide  Leaf Envy

Light Requirements

The Monkey Mask Monstera originates from the jungle floors in South Mexico, where it would secure itself to the trunks of trees on ground level, and climb up the trunks, reaching great heights. Because of this, they are used to receiving indirect sunlight through the branches of the towering trees above them. To make your new leafy friend feel at home, you ideally want to place it away from direct sunlight to avoid its leaves becoming scorched. They can tolerate lower light conditions, however this will result in slower growth.

Watering Schedule

As the Monkey Mask Monstera originates from warmer conditions, it is more drought tolerant and prefers to have its soil dry out thoroughly between watering sessions. This usually equates to it needing hydration every 1-2 weeks, depending on if it’s the Spring/Summer months or the Autumn/Winter months. The rule of thumb is always to check the top 2 inches of soil to evaluate the soil moisture levels.


To replicate the humid environments that the Monkey Mask Monstera enjoys in sunny South Mexico, you can frequently mist its leaves with water which will help it lock in moisture to its leaves. Alternatively, you can also place your Monstera close to other plants to increase humidity; the plants contribute to creating an invisible bubble of humidity around them to keep them happy and moist!

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