Plant Care Tips 23.08.21

Begonia Masoniana care and style tips

The exotic Begonia Masoniana has large, rough textured green leaves with a  unique dark brown iron cross pattern. An eye catching plant for any indoor jungle.
Begonia Masoniana care and style tips - Leaf Envy

Begonia Masoniana care and style tips

We selected the striking Begonia Masoniana & Khaki Line pot for our August subscription. Each month we select a unique plant & pot combination for our botanical box to help you build a varied collection of beautiful seasonal plants for your home.

This easy-going plant loves bright, indirect light and will glow red as the sun shines through its leaves! We've paired this plant with the neutral Khaki Line pot for its contrasting texture and minimal design, to let the leaves do all the talking.

Native to Vietnam and China, these exotic beauties enjoy high humidity and moist soil. You can increase the humidity by misting, placing your pot on a saucer partially filled with water and pebbles, as well as clustering with other humid loving plants. A good tip to keep the soil moist is to water about an inch a week. As growth slows in the winter months, you can allow the soil to dry between waterings as it doesn't need as much water.

We love to cluster Begonias of the same species together to create an eye catching display and letting those patterned leaves really stand out. You can also mix different species of Begonia together against a plain background, allowing the multiple patterns and colours to create a focal point in your room.

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