Plant Care Tips 27.09.21

Autumn Plant-Care Guide by Leaf Envy

It’s a new season and this means time to adjust your plant care routine. The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting chillier but don’t fret! Keep your botanical home happy by following our autumn house-plant care tips. 

Autumn Plant-Care Guide by Leaf Envy - Leaf Envy

Extra tip! Do not use cold water when watering your plants, this will give them temperature shock. Your plants roots will appreciate room temperature water.


It’s time to rearrange!

The winter months mean less hours of light in the day. Refer back to your Leaf Envy care cards, see which plants need the most light exposure and place them closer to your main light source. Be mindful to stay away from radiators and draughts as most plants don’t like to be exposed to changing temperatures.


Give your plant pals some extra humidity.

The air flow throughout your home will decrease throughout the winter months as you’ll be actively trying to keep the chill outside. This means that the air is going to be considerably dryer and your plants will need extra humidity. Spraying regularly (without leaving too much water on the leaf's surface), using a pebble tray and investing in a humidifier are all great options to increase humidity.


Reduce your watering schedule.

Plants grow at a slower rate in the colder months and some even go completely dormant. This means they need less water to keep hydrated. Pay attention to the moisture in your plants soil and try not to over water as this can cause root rot.


Take a break from using fertiliser.

Put that fertiliser to the back of your cupboard for the autumn and winter months. Using it can cause a buildup of salts and minerals in your plants soil! Wait until spring to bring it back into your plant-care routine.


Do any necessary repotting sooner rather than later.

We would advise against repotting from November to April so be sure to check every plant in your collection at the start of Autumn. Any plants that have roots growing out of the bottom of their pot will need access to nutrients and soil through winter and need repotting sooner rather than later.


Keep an eye on sad plant signs.

Each plant in your collection will give you signs on what they might be lacking so keep an eye on your home jungle. However, it’s completely normal to see a few dropping/yellowing leaves, just prune these off where necessary and try not to fiss your plant too much, sometimes less is more when it comes to plant care!

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