Plant Care Tips 14.06.21

How to keep your pets away from your houseplants

Since some plants can be very harmful to your pets, we have put together some easy tips to keep both your plants and pets safe, healthy and happy.
How to keep your pets away from your houseplants - Leaf Envy

Making sure your furry friends are healthy & happy

{30 sec read; great for pet & plant parents}

Having this knowledge will be helpful for keeping your pet safe and avoiding unnecessary trips to the vet, as eating the wrong plant can cause your pet to have seizures or tremors. Now you can enjoy that urban jungle of your dreams without compromising the health of your animals. If you'd like to explore our full collection of pet-friendly indoor plants click below.


Keep your plants out of reach

Putting your plants in a hanging planter or a plant stand will make it harder for your pets to access them. We suggest our handmade white oak plant stand to keep your plants leaves out of reach while looking great. Our selection of hanging planters will ensure your plants are elevated enough to avoid them becoming a snack.


Repel with smell

There are some odours that turn off your pets such as lavender, citrus, and garlic. Mixing these in the water and misting your plants will have your pets turning their nose from your greenery. Whatever you do, stray away from vinegar! Some people believe vinegar diluted with water is a solution, but it harms leaves more than saving them.


If you have a digger

If your pet loves to scratch and dig in your plants, cover the soil with large rocks. This hides the loose dirt they are attracted to in the first place.


Choose plants specifically for your pets

Divert your pets’ attention from your plants by giving them a more attractive option to chew on. Plants like basil, chamomile, thyme, and mint are safe to eat and give your pet that plant-eating satisfaction they are looking for.

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