Polka Dot Begonia

Begonia Maculata


The Begonia will thrive in bright indirect light, but is prone to being scorched if exposed to strong direct sunlight.


Water weekly keeping the soil moist at all times, but be mindful of overwatering. This plant won’t like to sit in water.


This plant will appreciate being placed in a humid environment, which you can create by misting it frequently, placing it close to other plants or on a pebble tray partly filled with water. They thrive in steamy bathrooms and kitchens.


Ideal temperatures around 19 - 24 ℃ and in winter not lower than 10 ℃.


Feed with general houseplant fertiliser every month during the growing season (spring to summer).


Toxic - please keep away from pets and children.

Additional care information

Likes additional support as it grows, insert some wooden sticks into the soil and attach plant to them to help support it's growth to stand tall.


Yellowing or spotting leaves: overwatering. Allow soil to dry out before watering in winter. Browning edge of leaves: too much light - scorching.

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