Plant Care A-Z 17.02.22

Philodendron Micans Plant Care Tips

The subscription plant for this month is the climbing Philodendron Micans paired with the Alga pot. Its velvety dark green leaves are what makes this plant a unique addition to any space. You can choose whether you want it to trail or grow. We have put together some leafy tips and tricks to help care for your plant to keep it happy and healthy.
Philodendron Micans Plant Care Tips - Leaf Envy

Philodendron Micans Plant Care  Indoor plants delivery by Leaf Envy
Philodendron Micans Plant Care  Indoor plants delivery by Leaf Envy


Light Requirements

The Philodendron Micans prefers bright, indirect light to allow it to thrive and grow as full as possible. Direct sunlight can scorch its leaves and leave them crisped up on the edges so it’s best to keep the plant at a distance from your windows to avoid this. Lower levels of light will be tolerated by the Philodendron Micans but the leaves won’t grow as lusciously.


Watering Schedule

The Philodendron Micans will usually need watering once a week when the top 2 inches of soil have dried out. However, this will be less frequent in the winter months and the Micans may only need watering every 2 weeks. Always check the soil before watering to assess whether your plant needs hydration because overwatering could result in root rot.



The Philodendron Micans doesn’t need any particular attention in terms of humidity but it will benefit from occasional misting. However, it is not essential because most home environments are suitable for its growth.


Sad Plant Signs

Drooping leaves are a sign of under watering or over watering so check the soil to troubleshoot which of these is the cause. Yellow leaves indicate over-exposure to sunlight and this is a key sign of scorched leafy tips. A leggy plant with long stems is most likely caused by lack of sunlight, so place it in an area where it will get dappled or bright, indirect light.

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