Also known as Peperomia Schumi Red; Peperomia Napoli Nights; Peperomia Caperata; Peperomia Watermelon; Radiator Plant


Peperomia will tolerate lower light levels, but will be happiest in medium, indirect or dappled light.


Little and often is a good watering principle for this plant. When the soil is dry to touch, give it a light sprinkling.


Your plant will take up some moisture from the air. Misting every week or so will keep it happy.


These are tropical plants, so warm conditions are best to keep them healthy.


Naturally, peperomia are slow-growing epiphytes so they can grow happily without any fertiliser.



Additional Care Information

Super easy to propagate to make new peperomia plant babies through cutting. Trim a leaf, and put gently into compost. Dipping the leaf into some rooting powder will make it grow strong!


Browning tips, edges & leaves falling: too cold or under-watering Rooting or blistering leaves: overwatering or too much sunlight.

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