Hoya Linearis

Hoya Linearis | Leaf Envy
(Wax Plant, Porcelain Flower Plant)
Bright, indirect light is best for this plant.
Water your plant when the top couple of inches feel dry. Make sure the excess water can drain out when watering to keep your plant happy and healthy!
The Hoya Linearis thrives in tropical humid conditions. Consider placing it in a bright bathroom or misting every few days.
Warm temperatures are ideal, best to make sure your plant is away from chilly draughts
Keep your plant strong and happy with monthly feeding of fertiliser in the spring and summer.
Not toxic, but the sap can be an irritant to pets and human skin. Best to keep out of reach of children and pets.
Additional Care Information:
Try to avoid the temptation to repot this plant regularly, it enjoys being quite snug in its pot.
  • Withering, dry or burnt leaves: too much direct sunlight
  • Wrinkled, shrivelled leaves: under-watering or lack of humidity
  • No spring flowers: not enough sunlight
  • Sticky sap on leaves: possibly some mealybugs or sap-sucking insects on your plant
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