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Fun Facts about your Fiddle Leaf FIg

Ficus Lyrata, Banjo Fig 

Fiddle Leaf Figs originate from Western Africa and are a species of flowering plant in the mulberry and fig family Moraceae. Named after their fiddle-shaped leaves, Fiddles grow in lowland tropical forests. While they require plenty of bright, indirect light and moisture, these tropical houseplants are not especially demanding when their growing conditions are right. Rotating your fiddle-leaf fig every few days will help it to grow evenly and not lean towards the light. It’s leaves will also appreciate a dusting with a damp cloth every week or two, to make it shinier and to allow more sunlight to hit the leaves for photosynthesis.

Fun Facts about your Fiddle Leaf FIg - Leaf Envy

Fun Facts about your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Three fun facts about the Fiddle Leaf Fig aka Ficus Lyrata


Where does the Fiddle Leaf Fig come from?

Ficus lyrata originates from the Western African rainforests from Liberia to Gabon and it's the only place in the wild where this species occurs. This is because it's the only place where you'll find the species of wasp required for the plant’s reproduction. Each species of ficus has its own wasp which is required for pollination. The wasps lay eggs on individual figs and the larvae develop within.


What does the Fiddle Leaf Fig symbolise?

As Fiddle Leaf Figs have large, rounded leaves with soft edges they are seen in feng shui to create positive vibes and energy. They become a nourishing source of good vibrations and energy in this space and neutralise negative energy that is created by sharp edges or dark corners in the room.

In feng shui, a bagua map is used to divide your space into nine separate areas, each one relating to a certain theme. The center square of the bagua is considered the heart of the home, where the energy is distributed to all the different sectors. Fiddle Leaf Figs are recommended to be placed in the "wealth" area (southeast) or "career" (north) corner of your Bagua map. By doing this, you can attract good fortune and wealth.

Fiddle Leaf Figs are also recommended to be placed in the "family" (east) or "love/marriage" (southwest) corner of your home's Bagua map. As the Ficus Lyrata bears fruit in the wild, they are seen as symbols of fertility and fruitfulness.


Why do Fiddle Leaf Figs help you sleep?

The large leaves of fiddle leaf figs produce and emit an abundance of oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. This process stops during the night when there’s no sunlight to catalyse the process, and the plant starts emitting carbon dioxide.

However, as the fiddle leaf fig produces so much oxygen during the day, they actually increase the oxygen content of your home. As a result, they can help improve your sleep. This is because an abundance of oxygen encourages the brain to relax and stay in a deep sleep.

Scientific studies have showed that houseplants improve your cognitive function and increase your ability to focus. Therefore, they improve memory and increase your brain power overtime. Studies have also showed that the presence of indoor plants inside offices and other workplaces improves productivity and creativity.

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