Aglaonema Salmon Fantasy

Chinese Evergreen; Philippine Evergreen; Poison Dart Plant; Aglaonema Salmon Fantasy


Will thrive with in bright, direct light. Can tolerate low-light levels, but growth will be slower. Do not expose to direct sun-light, this will scorch its leaves.


Water when the top 2'' of soil are dry. Tolerance for both moist and dry conditions.


Medium to high humidity. Spray often, place on pebble tray or next to humidifier.


Thrives in temperatures ranging from 18-26ºC. Avoid abrupt temperature changes and cold drafts.


Feed your Aglaonema plant monthly during the spring and summer months with a general-purpose houseplant fertiliser.


Aglaonema plant is toxic to cats as well as dogs, horses, and humans. Keep away from pets & children.

Additional care information

Pink patches on this plant will intensify when exposed to more in-direct sunlight.


Browning leaf tips: Needs more humidity or filtered water. Yellowing leaves: Over-watering. Limp & droopy leaves: Under-watering.

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