Green Living 12.01.22

Let’s make Blue January Greener!

The calming effects of plants have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and mental fatigue due to the human desire of connecting with nature. Bringing nature inside your home is the most effective way of making your space more zen this January.
Let’s make Blue January Greener!


Reduced Stress

Plants are scientifically-proven to be able to reduce stress by lowering heart rate and blood pressure. They provide the perfect way to connect to the natural world and feel more comfortable in your space.


Improved Productivity

Enter a more positive state of mind when you’re surrounded by nature. Plants make us feel more at ease with the environment we’re in, which in turn, helps to increase productivity. Work can be overwhelming when you’re sitting in a room which appears to be lifeless, but placing plants in your space can liven it up.


Sharper Memory

With their calming qualities, plants have the ability to aid focus which makes them the perfect companion if you’re revising or carrying out day-to-day work tasks. Plants are a key component to effective concentration, so you can benefit from improved memory as well as a greener environment.


Feeling Creative

In order to be creative, we have to be in an environment or space which inspires creativity. By surrounding yourself with some house plants, you can create a space where creative thinking has no end. As living things, plants can bring life to the space you’re in and 8inspire your greatest ideas and ways of thinking.

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