Pink Dragon Set Pink Dragon Set Pink Dragon Set
Pink Dragon Set Pink Dragon Set Pink Dragon Set


Pink Dragon Set

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This rare plant features thick dragon like foliage and baby pink stems.


This set includes the Alocasia Pink Dragon and our Ice Cream Pot pictured.


Pink Dragon Set


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• Nursery Pot Ø: 14cm

• Decorative Pot Ø: 18cm
• Approx plant height: 50cm

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How to care

How to care



Watering Guide

Light Requirements

Bright, indirect light

Bright Indirect light, west facing windows are best. Avoid from direct sunlight, as this will scorch its leaves.

Watering Schedule

Weekly watering

Water when top 2'' of soil are dry to the touch. During the summer months, you need to water regularly.


High humidity

Appreciates being placed in a humid environment, which you can create by misting it frequently, placing it close to other plants or on a pebble tray partly filled with water.

Sad Plant Signs

Brown patches, yellowing leaves, drooping leaves.

Brown patches: too much direct sunlight. Yellowing leaves, brown spots, wilting, soft stems: All signs of overwatering and temperature being too cold. Drooping leaves: Over or under-watering.

Watering Guide


Finding the perfect plant parent

A unique pink stemmed Alocasia that is grown in the tropics, it loves high humidity and lots of bright, indirect light. Like most Alocasias this plant is easy to propagate in the summer months. Show off its thick, glossy foliage and allow it to stand boldly in your collection.

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Become an Alocasia Collector

Bring your favourite Alocasias together and become a rare plant collector!


Plant Bio

Alocasia Pink Dragon; Elephant Ear Pink Dragon; Alocasia Baginda Pink Dragon

Mostly found around the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and East Australia. This Alocasia can be easily propagated in water because they have a semi-aquatic, swamp-dwelling ancestry. This species, like all other Alocasia plants, goes into a state of dormancy during the winter season. Make sure that you do not over-water or overfeed the plants during the phase and especially avoid propagation and pruning.

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Plant attributes

+ Air-Purifying
+ Rare&Unusual


Plants can detoxify your home by absorbing airborne toxins, dusts and germs found in your household. We spend a huge amount of time indoors, so why not give your home a healthy breath of fresh air with this air purifying and stylish beauty.

Characteristics Detoxifying power


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