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Do you or a friend want to build an indoor jungle of dreams? This iconic collection of plants will do just that. Be the proud owner of the nation's favourite trending houseplants that have scoped the scene in recent years.


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Each plant will come in its grow pot & in this bundle you'll receive:

x1 Monstera Deliciosa (55cm tall, 17cm nursery pot). Fits our medium pots
x1 Desert Candle Cactus (60cm tall, 17cm nursery pot). Fits our medium pots
x1 Chinese Money (20 cm tall, 12cm nursery pot). Fits our small pots

    Bundle & Save!

    Iconic Bundle

    Bundle & Save!

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    • Nursery Pot: 6cm
    • Recommended Pot Size: 7-9cm
    • Please note: this species is very rare and we cannot guarantee how much or how little variegation the individual plant will have.

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    How to care

    How to care



    Watering Guide

    Light Requirements

    Bright, indirect light to dappled sun

    Place these three where they receive plenty of indirect light and can occasionally sap up the sun, however too much direct sunlight can scorch their leaves.

    Watering Schedule

    Weekly watering to once a month

    Monstera Deliciosa & Chinese Money: Weekly waterings. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings | Desert Candle Cactus: Only water when it's soil is completely dry | In the winter months, all plants watering schedule can be significantly reduced


    No particular humidity requirements to high humidity

    Monstera Deliciosa & Chinese Money: These two enjoy a humid environment, which is why we recommend frequent misting of its leaves | Desert Candle Cactus: No humidity requirements. Do not spray or leave in a particularly wet room

    Sad Plant Signs

    Yellow leaves, Brown leaves, Wrinkled Stem

    Monstera Deliciosa: Yellow leaves indicates too much light. Browning leaves is a sign of too little light or humidity | Chinese Money: Leaves drooping suggests it’s been under-watered. Leaves crisping shows it doesn’t have enough humidity. Scorched leaves means it has too much direct sunlight throughout the day | Desert Candle Cactus: Wrinkled stem or leaves shows it has been under-watered. Yellow, mushy leaves indicate it’s been over-watered

    Watering Guide


    Finding the perfect plant parent

    Three easy to care for house plants that belong in every home! Keep the iconic Monstera Deliciosa and the lucky Chinese Money Plant in bright, indirect light and they will reward you with new growth all year long. The stunning Cactus in this collection will thrive more in bright, direct sunlight so keep him on a window sill.


    Get to know me

    Plant attributes

    + Hard To Kill
    + Air-Purifying

    Hard To Kill

    If you are a beginner, like low maintenance, or have lots of experience killing plants, here are a selection of easy care house plants even YOU can't kill! Green thumb or not, these indoor plants are tough and can withstand (almost) any neglect from their plant parents.

    Characteristics Nearly Indestructible


    Plants can detoxify your home by absorbing airborne toxins, dusts and germs found in your household. We spend a huge amount of time indoors, so why not give your home a healthy breath of fresh air with this air purifying and stylish beauty.

    Characteristics Detoxifying power


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    Our Sustainability Promise

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