Extra Large Monstera Deliciosa
Extra Large Monstera Deliciosa


Extra Large Monstera Deliciosa

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Easy to care for and fast growing statement plant with unusual shaped leaves.

Extra Large Plants are only available for delivery in London. Our customer happiness team will be in touch to schedule a delivery at a time that suits you. We will hand deliver your plant using an electric van (zero emissions). Any orders purchased outside of London will be refunded. 

We endeavour to deliver your Monstera Deliciosa within 3-5 days, however please allow for 8-10 days. 

Size: 1.2m tall, 24cm pot. 

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Extra Large Monstera Deliciosa

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• Nursery Pot Ø: 24cm
• Fits our extra large pots.
• Recommended decorative pot Ø: 26-30cm
• Approx plant height: 120cm

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How to care

How to care



Monstera Care Guide

Light Requirements

Low to bright, dappled indirect light

Your Monstera Deliciosa can live in low to bright, dappled indirect light. Prolonged exposure to bright direct sunlight may burn and scorch their leaves. Growth will be slower in low light environments.

Watering Schedule

Weekly waterings

Your Monstera Deliciosa enjoys weekly waterings. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, especially during the winter - when you might only need to water your plant fortnightly.


High humidity

Monstera Deliciosa enjoys a humid environment, which is why we recommend frequent misting of its leaves. Alternatively, you can place your plant close to other plants, which increases the humidity of the air around them.

Sad Plant Signs

Yellowing tips, browning leaves

Yellowing leaves: suggests your Monstera Deliciosa has been getting too much light or has suffered from moisture shock. Browning leaves: indicates your plant has been getting too little light or has suffered from low humidity.

Monstera Care Guide


Finding the perfect plant parent

Monsteras love bright, indirect light and will grow quickly so make sure you give them room to vine and thrive. This wild, tropical plant is very tolerant and won't mind the occasional missed watering session, making it an ideal addition for any home and makes a great beginner plant.

Style tip

Softening Spaces

Let plants frame furniture or soften spaces or corners by creating signature accents and simultaneously reconnecting you with nature.


Mexican Rainforest Plant Bio Monstera Deliciosa
Mexican Rainforest Plant Bio Monstera Deliciosa

Plant bio

Swiss Cheese, Hurricane Plant, Fruit Salad Plant, Monstera

Monsteras originate from the tropical rainforests of southern Mexico and are a species of evergreen tropical vine that is a part of Araceae, the aroid family. Monsteras grow from the forest floor and vine up trees to absorb more light. They have holes in their leaves so they can increase their surface area and catch more sun-flecks. This wild, tropical plant is better known as the ""swiss cheese plant"" because of these holes. Depending on the maturity of the plant and seasonality, your Monstera could have no holes yet, and as it grows you will see these develop.

Monstera Deliciosa  House Plants By Leaf Envy
Monstera Deliciosa  House Plants By Leaf Envy

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Plant attributes

+ Hard To Kill
+ Air-Purifying

Hard To Kill

If you are a beginner, like low maintenance, or have lots of experience killing plants, here are a selection of easy care house plants even YOU can't kill! Green thumb or not, these indoor plants are tough and can withstand (almost) any neglect from their plant parents.

Characteristics Nearly Indestructible


Plants can detoxify your home by absorbing airborne toxins, dusts and germs found in your household. We spend a huge amount of time indoors, so why not give your home a healthy breath of fresh air with this air purifying and stylish beauty.

Characteristics Detoxifying power


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