Botanical Spirit & Philodendron Set Botanical Spirit & Philodendron Set
Botanical Spirit & Philodendron Set Botanical Spirit & Philodendron Set


Botanical Spirit & Philodendron Set

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Crafted from unique plants native to the North Cornwall coastline, Pentire's Adrift non-alcoholic botanical spirit tastes coastal, herbaceous and fresh. We've paired this easy-drinking G&T alternative with our favourite Philodendron Birkin and Regent charcoal pot to relax and enjoy whilst surrounded by nature.

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Botanical Spirit & Philodendron Set

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• Oxalis - Grow pot Ø: 12cm - Approx plant height: 25cm - Recommended decorative pot Ø: 13-15cm

• Bath House Bath Soak - 500ml - Key ingredients: Glycerine, aloe vera leaf juice, rice bran oil, bamboo shoot extract, ginseng root extract

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How to care

How to care



Philodendron Birkin Care Guide

Light Requirements

Bright, indirect light to dappled sun

The Philodendron Bikin thrives in bright, indirect light to dappled sun. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Watering Schedule

Weekly watering

Water weekly, allowing top 2” of soil to dry out between waterings.


High Humidity

Keep the humidity high for this plant, we recommend misting every few days or placing on a pebble tray.

Sad Plant Signs

Drooping leaves, yellowing edges, browning tips

Yellowing or spotting leaves: overwatering. Allow soil to dry out before watering in winter. Drooping leaves: under watering Yellowing edges: over watering Browning tips: lack of humidity

Philodendron Birkin Care Guide


Finding the perfect plant parent

Style tip

Shelf Life

Arrange plants at different heights on a bookshelf to create a sense of balance, allowing some to hang down and others to pop out amidst other objects.


South American Plant Bio Oxalis
South American Plant Bio Oxalis

Plant Bio

Philodendron White Measure, Birkin

The rare Philodendron Birkin is a hybrid philodendron variety. Philodendrons were first discovered in the 1600s in Brazil’s rainforests and are most commonly found in tropical, humid climates. With its beautiful white line markings and variegation against a dark green backdrop, the Philodendron Birkin is a very striking plant and one for the plant collectors out there. Despite its rarity, the Birkin is easy to look after and can handle dappled sun and weekly watering sessions which can be cut down in winter time.


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