Grower's Choice Bundle Grower's Choice Bundle Grower's Choice Bundle Grower's Choice Bundle Grower's Choice Bundle
Grower's Choice Bundle Grower's Choice Bundle Grower's Choice Bundle Grower's Choice Bundle Grower's Choice Bundle


Grower's Choice Bundle

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Three beauties for the plant obsessed. Grow an enviable collection with varied and interesting leaf aesthetics, from patterned to variegated, heart shaped to round leaves with the Grower's Choice Collection.


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This bundle includes x3 plants in their grow pots: 

x1 Peperomia Watermelon (20cm tall, 12cm nursery pot). Fits our small pots
x1 Alocasia Zebrina (75cm tall,19cm nursery pot). Fits our large pots
x1 Philodendron Birkin ( 40cm tall, 14cm nursery pot). Fits our medium pots

Grower's Choice Bundle

Grower's Choice Bundle

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How to care

How to care



Watering Guide

Light Requirements

Bright, indirect light

All three of these plants thrive in medium to bright indirect light. Keep out of direct sunlight

Watering Schedule

Weekly watering

Peperomia Watermelon: Water when soil feels dry to the touch | Alocasia Zebrina: Water weekly, keeping the soil moist but not wet | Philodendron Birkin: Water weekly, allowing top 2” of soil to dry out between waterings


High Humidity

All three of these plants enjoy high humidity levels. Mist frequently

Sad Plant Signs

Curling, drooping, yellow or browning leaves

Peperomia Watermelon: Curling leaves indicates under-watering. Dropping/yellowing leaves suggests over-watering | Alocasia Zebrina: Yellowing or spotting on leaves suggests over-watering. Browning edges indicates either under-watering or scorched by direct sunlight | Philodendron Birkin: Drooping leaves indicates under watering. Yellowing edges shows over watering. Browning tips suggests it needs higher humidity levels

Watering Guide


Finding the perfect plant parent

Are you a plant self declared advanced plant nerd? This unique collection is for you. All three plants in this collection have the same light requirements but are quite fussy when it comes to humidity levels and watering schedules. If you're up for the challenge, you'll be rewarded with a beautiful collection of plant pals.


Get to know me

Plant attributes

+ Rare & Unusual
+ Air-Purifying

Rare & Unusual

Difficult to find and limited in availability, these rare houseplants often have unique leaf patterns and shapes. They will take pride of place in your home, and bring your plant collection to the next level.

Characteristics Limited availability


Plants can detoxify your home by absorbing airborne toxins, dusts and germs found in your household. We spend a huge amount of time indoors, so why not give your home a healthy breath of fresh air with this air purifying and stylish beauty.

Characteristics Detoxifying power


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Our Sustainability Promise

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