Mini Monstera | 12cm Nursery Pot | Indoor Potted Plant | Leaf Envy
Mini Monstera | 12cm Nursery Pot | Indoor Potted Plant | Leaf Envy
Mini Monstera | 12cm Nursery Pot | Indoor Potted Plant | Leaf Envy


Fits 13-15cm Pot
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  • Originates from the tropical forests of Mexico and Panama
  • Medium indirect light to dappled sun
  • Weekly, allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings. Enjoys high humidity
  • Toxic - keep away from pets and small children
  • Sad Plant Signs - Yellowing leaves: too much light, or moisture shock. Browning leaves: too little light
Details on Size
  • Small Size Plant; Nursery Pot: 12cm; Minimum Plant Height: 30cm
  • Recommended Pot Size: 13-15cm
  • Decorative Pot Not Included
{ Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma }
Rhaphidophora is best-known for his angular leaves and speedy growth rate! Plant myth buster: people often mistake Rhaphidophora as part of the Monstera family because of his name. However, he's actually part of the Araceae family!
This plant is paired with our Small Matte White Planter.
Check out detailed care info for the Mini Monstera.

Packaging and Delivery Details
All our plants come potted in a nursery pot and potting mix to increase plant health, longevity, and growth. Carefully packed and delivered with a care card and leafy love within 2 - 5 working days. 95% of our packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable.
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    We carefully pack our plants in 100% recyclable packaging, using FSC Certified cardboard boxes & biodegradable protective cushioning.

    We partner with a Carbon Neutral delivery company to ship our plants, and always send them out on Next Day Delivery so they spend the least amount of time in darkness as possible.

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    We are committed to our future. For every 10 purchases, we plant a tree to aid global reforestation and ecological restoration.


Brilliant service from Leaf Envy, communication was spot on and the plants and pots were packaged so beautifully! So much so, I bought from Leaf Envy again for my friends’ birthday!  


Amanda S.

Loving my new plants, I cannot believe I didn't start growing my indoor jungle earlier. Have bought 4 and am already thinking of getting more for the other rooms as well


Heinin Z.

A beautiful, healthy plant which arrived in perfect condition and quickly with notes on its care. Thank you Leaf Envy! I also bought a clay hanging pot to put my new plant baby in and it looks fab. Great service & I will keep adding to my indoor jungle! 


Cindy C.