The Best Bedroom Plants to Boost Your R&R



You are a busy bee and when you get back home after a hard days work, there really is nothing better than snuggling up to a good book, or Netflix series and just chilling out. But did you know that some plants can actually improve sleep, help you feel more relaxed and generally zen? 





Plants for better sleep 


There’s no denying that plants have a therapeutic effect on people. One survey found humans feel instantly relaxed and calmer by merely touching one of the leaves!

Granted, there’s no scientific data to support the claim of helping you sleep longer, but there is evidence that suggests it can improve the overall quality of your sleep. And yes you guessed it that leads to...

A healthier, happier, more refreshed version of you.  








Improving the Air You Breathe:



Without using too much scientific mumbo jumbo, let’s imagine you sleep in a bedroom with the doors and windows closed. Maybe it’s the middle of winter and far too cold. As you breathe in and out, you’re taking in oxygen from the air and releasing carbon dioxide.

If you’re sleeping for a full eight hours, you’ll start to fill the room with CO2, which isn’t great for your health or your sleep quality.

However, nurturing a few plants in your bedroom can help absorb a lot of these natural gases turning them back in oxygen for you to breathe! 





They Look Good!


Unless you’ve been avoiding Instagram and Pinterest the last few years, the gorgeous impact an indoor jungle has on the décor of our bedrooms is simply stunning.

With so many different types of plants to choose from, each with their own personality and style, it’s safe to say there’s a beautiful blossom out there for each of us to enjoy!



Here are our recommendations on the best plants for the bedroom:








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