The benefits of plant therapy

The benefits of plant therapy.

Some like to bake, some like to knit, us? We like to care for our plants. There are unlimited mental and physical health benefits to caring for your plants. So put down your phone and pick up those secateurs! 


How plant therapy can help improve your life.



So, what is plant therapy? Using our green leafed friends to help improve both our mental and physical health. Immersing yourself in the world of plant parenthood can ultimately lead to a healthier and happier life. Whether you're just starting out in the world of plants, or pretty clued up on all things green, here's our top reasons why you should get green fingered!



1) Time to switch off


Living in a world full of technology, it can sometimes be hard to switch off and unwind. Tending to plants provides an escape from everyday pressures as well as creating a deep rooted connection with nature. The mindful nature of tending to plants has also been compared to meditation as by focusing solely on the present moment, your brain can be distracted from anxious thoughts. Plants are also a great way to take a much-needed technology break, even if it is a few minutes a day you’re forced to just slow down and stop.


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2) Bring the outdoors in



Humans aren’t meant to be cooped up inside 24/7 but with most of us now working from home and rules restricting us from leaving, why not bring the outdoors in? If you live in a loud busy city, plants can actually help to reduce noise levels indoors. This is because large plants carry a large surface area, making them more effective at absorbing sound! Try placing them around the perimeters of your room so the sound bounces straight off the walls, onto the surface of your leaves. They also help to improve the quality of the air that you breathe by removing toxins, so if you’re not able to get out much, plants are a great way to improve the air in your home.



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3) Learn a new skill


Baking, sewing, knitting… why not add plant parenting to your list! Whether you’re starting out your journey in the world of plants, or you’ve already got a flourishing indoor jungle, there’s always something new to learn. Not only does becoming a plant parent create a sense of routine and stability but also teaches you to learn and adapt depending on your plants needs. Our knowledgable team are always on hand for advice. Drop us a DM or email with your plant care question.

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4) Nurture a life


Caring or nurturing another living thing that can develop and flourish over time, gives a great sense of responsibility as that one life relies solely on you! Just a small amount of plant care can help us to appreciate more and increase our compassion. There’s no feeling like a new leaf or a blooming flower because at that point you can really see all your love and hard work paying off.
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Want to immerse yourself in some plant therapy? Check out our <a href="">plant care kit.</a>