Immunity boosting plants

Did you know that our immune system is the human bodies most sophisticated and complex physiological mechanisms?⁠ Here are some natural ways plants give your immune system a well needed boost.



Reduce the watering

Plants don't require as much water in the colder months, so skip a watering or two to cut the frequency back by about 50%. Follow the standard watering advice and only water if the soil is dry an inch or two below the surface. 



How plants can help to improve our immune system.



Did you know that our immune system is one the human body's most sophisticated and complex physiological mechanisms?⁠ Here are some natural ways plants give your immune system a well needed boost.






How do plants boost your immune system?


There are 3 main ways plants help support the body against infection.   

 <br/>                                                                                                                 <ul>                                                                                                               <li>They improve your respiratory health by filtering the air and increasing the moisture in it. </li>

<li>They speed up the bodies ability to recover.</li>

<li>They increase natural killer cells in the body so you can fight off infectious diseases more easily.</li>



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Improving your respiratory health with plants



Plants help filter VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air during the process of photosynthesis. These nasty VOCs can be found in common household cleaning products, and aerosols, as well as cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes. Common side effects of these VOCs include asthma and repressed immunity in children as they negatively impact our respiratory system affecting the health of the nose, mouth, eyes and throat. Plant species which are very good at filtering out these pollutants include Snake Plants, Calatheas, Peace Lilies and other full foliage plants like Philodendron or Pothos. Plants also are great at improving air quality due to the wait in which they transpire. By adding moisture to the air and increasing humidity levels, they benefit anyone's lungs who are affected by dry indoor settings. If you have strong lungs, you are more likely to be able to fight against disease and infection.










Speeding up recovery with plants



Horticultural therapy has been around since 2000BC and was first recognised as a viable treatment for mental health conditions in the early 1800s! It’s been well documented that patients recover significantly faster in hospital rooms that have houseplants or even a view of nature. Plants improve the body's ability to heal. It’s good for the mind, body and soul you see. Just think of Grey’s Anatomy Green room if you need a visual idea!









Plants help increase natural killer cells in the body



Natural killer cells are a white blood cells that play a pivotal role in our immune system fighting off viral infections. Scientific studies released in 2018 found that people who regularly immersed themselves in nature vs. those that didn’t had a 20% higher level of natural killer cells in the body.


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