How To Propagate Your Plants

There are 3 ways to propagate plants. Each species of plant has a different propagation method. We have simplified the methods for you into bitesize and digestible instructions so you can grow your plant babies from your current plant collection! The 3 methods of propagation are division, stem cutting and tip cutting.


What you need to know:



There are 3 main ways to propagate, and each method is best for a different plant species. We've simplified the steps for you so you can get started quickly & easily:




1. DIVISION - ferns, bird of paradise, palms, succulent. 



<li>Get 2 pots & the proper potting mix for your plant type </li>

<li> Put down a dust sheet to collect excess potting mix. </li>

<li>Get the mother plant. Separate the roots of the plant into 2 with your hands. </li>

<li>Place the halves into their new pot, scooping potting mix into it - covering the roots & base of the plant</li>








2. STEM CUTTING - satin pothos, monstera, philodendron scandens, prayer plant



<li>Find a stem or branch that has 2-3 healthy leaves growing on it.</li>

<li>Find the node on the stem or branch of your plant. Node = the little bumps below each leaf - basically baby roots. </li>

<li>Cut 2 inches below the node. </li>

<li>Fill a glass vessel with room temp water & place the new cutting into it making sure the node is submerged! </li>

<li>Keep refreshing the water every week (or when it looks green and mouldy)! </li>

<li>Keep watch over your propagated cutting over the next few weeks. We recommend letting your new babies roots to grow in its' water vase for 1 - 2 months. The more mature the root-ball or root-system the less shock the plant will be when you eventually pot into soil. So best to let it grow for a while!  </li>







3. TIP CUTTING - fiddle leaf fig, rubber plant, snake plant, ZZ plant, yucca, money tree 


<li>Find a green healthy stem or branch. Avoid the bark, find the green area close to the leaf. </li>

<li>Cut 2 inches below the leaf, at 45 degree angle.</li>

<li>Fill vessel with room temp water. Place the cutting in the vessel and ensure the cut is completely submerged in water. The roots develop from here. </li>








Propagation is fun and rewarding. By simplifying the propagation methods for you, we hope you can start growing your own plant babies from your current collection soon! 


Here are our recommendations for easy plants to propagate:



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