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Benefits Beyond Aesthetics

We are passionate about making plant parenthood simple, so more people can become plant lovers and excellent ones at that. There are many benefits of having plants in your home and office. We've simplified them into 3 key points so you can understand why growing your indoor jungle will help you improve your living space and lifestyle.  





We are passionate about making plant parenthood simple, so more people can become plant lovers and excellent ones at that. Here's why:



Scientific studies show that indoor plants reduce concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds and carbon dioxide from the air by absorbing these toxins through their leaves.

Plants also help create moisture in the air through the process of transpiration. The increased humidity makes it more difficult for flu viruses to survive, which goes to explain why some studies have shown how indoor plants can reduce sick-leave in the workplace by 60%! It's also why Grey's Anatomy has a "plant room" instead of a green room :) 







Plant parenthood is a rewarding experience. It's a time where you can disconnect from technology and spend time caring for a living thing external to yourself. Much like the practice of mindfulness, plant parenthood is all about patience and acceptance. We, intrinsically as humans have an innate connection and adoration of nature which is an experience difficult to articulate. However, it does explain why scientific studies show that the presence of plants can help reduce depressive feelings by 58% and reduce tension and anxiety by 44%. 


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Plants help reduce attention fatigue and restore a feeling of calm with your surroundings. One US study found that the presence of plants can increase memory retention by as much as 20%, as well as boosting productivity and creativity by 15%. Plants help get those creative juices flowing and are why they make great companions in any living or working space. 


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Our goal is to help people become the best plant parent possible, so we can improve the sustainability of urban life now and for future generations.