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How to include plant care to your morning routine

Not everyone is a morning person and that’s totally ok. Here are a few ways you can incorporate plant care into your routine and brighten up or green up, those dark mornings. 



4 simple ways to incorporate plant care into your morning routine. 



Not everyone is a morning person and that’s totally ok. Here's our top simple ways that we like to include plant care into your routine to brighten up (or green up) those dark winter mornings.






A good nights sleep



It all starts with a good nights sleep. We're constantly raving about the air-purifying properties that plants can have on the environment around us. Try placing some air-purifying plants like a Peace Lily or Snake plant into your bedroom space. They help to remove toxins from the air you breath through the process of photosynthesis, and this ultimately will lead to a  better sleep. Who could say no to that? 










Boiling the kettle? 



Let’s be honest, we all start our day with a big cup (or maybe two) of tea or coffee. So whilst the kettle is boiling, rather than having a quick check of your phone, why not take the time to give your kitchen plants a good water? If you have some extra time, why not leave a jug of tap water by the sink, ready for your morning water? Leaving the water out overnight allows the chlorine and fluoride to evaporate, leaving you with only the best for your plants. If you're unsure on how often to water your plant, head to our plant care <a href="">A-Z pages</a> to find out. 










Give your plants bath or shower



Your humidity loving plants might fancy a shower too! If you’re a morning shower person, pop your humidity loving plants in the bathroom with you. You’ll save on having to mist them later and it’ll help to keep their leaves looking green and healthy. 









Show your leaves some TLC



Skincare routine? What about your leaf-care routine. After you’ve popped on your favourite moisturiser, why not check the leaves of your plants. Give them a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris and prune away any sad looking leaves. Although you might like a rich moisturiser, your plants won't. Avoid using house hold substances like Olive oil or Mayonnaise to give your leaves a shine (yes, people really do this). It will only block the pores of the leaf meaning your plant can't then photosynthesise properly. 






Want to start your plant parent journey? Check out our<a href=""> plant care kit!</a>


How to include plant care to your morning routine

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